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Neelathanallur and Madanathur, bridge opened for public.

Now all the Transports are allowed this bridge. It shorten the distance from Chennai to Kumbakonam, also the traveling time consumed.

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Area quick info

Postal Pincode : 621802

Telephone code : 04331

Ariyalur District Population 752481 in 2011 (695524 in 2001)

Population : 31,268 as on 2001 census report (we will update 2011)

Location : Jayankondam (in Ariyalur District) is located 270 km away from Chennai. Jayankondam located center place of Kumbakonam, chidambaram, virudhachalam and Ariyalur.

Jayankondam Town Information

jayankondam emergency contacts

Jayankondam is very famous for JLC Program(Lignite Power Corporation). It is to be start very zone(As per the Govt.information). Jayankondam being a head quarters Office of Udayarpalayam Taluk. Had different names Jayankondachozhapuram King Gulothunka chozha from time immemorial. Jayankondam town is very famous for siva night festival at Siva temple near Bustand, which is celebrating in every year. This town has more than 25 temples of various historical periods scattered.

Jayankondam is a third Grade Municipality. It is appeared as Third Grade Municipality in Ariyalur District (formerly Perambalur District). Jayankondam Being the Head quarters office of Udaiyarpalaiyam Taluk. Jayankondam is located 270 km away from Chennai, and 91km away from Trichy. On the south 45 km kumbakonam. On the east and 38 km away from Ariyalur. On the North and 36 km away from Viruthachalam. On the east and 50 km from away Chidambaram. Jayankondam Town limit extends over an area of 28 Sq.km.

Gangaikonda cholapuram temple is the place near 8 km. East from JKM is the ancient – temple Rajenthra chozha having very ancient – oldest sculpture and drowing.

Azhagar temple is the place near 10 km JKM is the ancient temple built by Rajenthra chozha having very ancient oldest; Sculptured. The Algar temple has a big elephant statue constructed the materials of lime and pricks and kuruvalappar temple is the place near 7 km east from JKM is the one of the famous vinava temple . It was built up by the chozha queen chempian mathevi relation ship of the Rajaraja chozha Aunty payaraiswaras temple is the place near 10 km west from jkm. It was built up the jamieen of udayarpalayam sames the an own is ancient oldest sculpture.

Strimushnam poovaraga temple is one of the famous temple is the place near 15 km northen east from Jkm.

Location Map | Jayankondam

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Chennai to Jayankondam Route map:

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Marriage Halls | Thirumana mandapam in Jayankondam

Within Jayankondam:-

  1. Arokya Mahal
  2. Subam Mandabam
  3. Mangalam Mahal
  4. C.R Thirumana Mandabam
  5. K.T.V mahal
  6. Sree Renga Thirumana Mandabam
  7. J.K Mahal
  8. Sengunthar Thirumana Mandabam

Thirumana Mandabam Around Jayankondam

  1. Dhanam Thirumana Mandabam, Silakal
  2. A.K.S Thirumana Mandabam, Udiyarpalayam
  3. Raja Thirumana Mandabam,T.Palur
  4. K.V.Ramalingam Kalyana Mandapam, Cholamadevi

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  1. JC organisation in Jayankondam.
    Mr. Pandiyan is the current President of this chamber
  2. Lions Club in Jayankondam.
    President Dr. karuppaiya, Rc Rajan

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Schools & Colleges

Jayankondam Schools & Colleges:

Jayankondam becoming a best place educational in Ariyalur district, Tamildau. Here more then 4 colleges have verity of courses (Including Engineering, B.Ed, teacher traning, hotel management, ..)


Travel & Tourism

1. Gangaikondacholapuram (கங்கைகொண்ட சோழபுரம்)

Gangaikonda Cholapuram (Tamil: கங்கைகொண்ட சோழபுரம்) was erected as the capital of the Cholas by Rajendra Chola, the son and successor of Rajaraja Chola, the great Chola who conquered a large area in South India at the beginning of the 11th century C.E. It occupies an important place in the history of India. As the capital of the Cholas from about 1025 C.E. for about 250 years, the city controlled the affairs of entire south India, from the Tungabhadra in the north to Ceylon in the south. The great temple of Siva at this place is next only to the Brihadisvara temple at Thanjavur in its monumental nature and surpasses it in sculptural quality.

2. Anaikarai Dam (அணைக்கரை)

Annaikkarai (Lower Anaicut) it was built at 1912 (as marked in the bridge) Nearly 100 years old..

Bank ATM's in Jayankondam

jkm sbi Jayankondam Bank ATMs jkm canara bank Jayankondam Bank ATMs

  1. State bank of India ATM(Bus Stand road, Jayankondam)
  2. State bank of India ATM(Sannathi Street, Jayankondam)
  3. State bank of India ATM(Petrol bung inside, Jayankondam)
  4. Indian Bank ATM(Sannathi Street, Jayankondam)
  5. Canara Bank ATM(Chidambaram main road, Jayankondam)
  6. State bank of India ATM(Near T.plaur police station)
  7. State bank of India ATM(Udayarpalayam)
  8. State bank of India ATM(Udhayanatham, Silal/ Silakal to Anaikarai road, near anaikarai)
  9. .. Thathanur
  10. ICICI Bank Ariyalur
  11. ICICI Bank Vridhachalam
  12. ICICI Bank Chidambaram
  13. ICICI Bank Kumbakonam
  14. HDFC Bank Kumbakonam

Jayankondam Bank's

  1. State bank of India
  2. Indian bank
  3. Canara bank
  4. TNSC bank
  5. City Union bank

Jayankondam Near Bank's

  1. ..

ATM's Near Jayankondam

  1. T.Palur SBI

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Railway Station Code

Chennai Egmore : MS

Vridhachalam : VRI

Tiruchirapalli : TPJ

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